Charles Choo

  • Senior Foreign Attorney
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  • Fax | +82-2-6367-6500
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  • Language | Korean and English


Mr. Choo is a foreign attorney at EJE Law. Prior to joining EJE Law, he worked as a foreign legal counsel for law firms including Lee & Ko, Jipyong & Jisung and Lee International. He has extensive experiences in international arbitration, litigation, and cross-border transactions. He has handled numerous litigation cases as partner/co-counsel with other global law firms, taking charge of or making substantial contributions in all aspects of litigation.

Mr. Choo received J.D. from Boston University School of Law in 2005 and was admitted to the New York in 2006.

  • Experience
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  • Bar/Qualification/Award
  • New york (2005)
  • M&A
  • Advising LS to establish a joint venture with Infenion to set up an operation to manufacture and sell microprocessor in the Asia market in 2009
  • Advising Posco E&C to change a joint venture structure with Gale International to develop Songdo city in 2011
  • Advising Merlin Entertainment to set up a joint venture operation with Lego Korea to build a legoland in Kwangwon province 2016
  • Advising PAG to acquire a mutual savings bank in Korea in 2009
  • Advising Korea environmental manufacture to acquire an equity stake of US corporation in the value of USD 500 million in 2016
  • Advising Korea car manufacturer to purchase the equity stake of a German corporation in the value of USD 300 million in 2012
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Represented Mirae Asset on its litigation against the shareholders in the Canadian joint venture and successfully winning the suit
  • Represented POSCO E&C on its dispute against Gale International on Songdo city
  • Represented the investors in the Virginia corporation on its share purchase dispute
  • Represented the Hong Kong investment firm on its shareholder actions such as a nomination of an auditor., etc against KOSDAQ corporation
  • Represented a Korea investment company on its shareholder dispute against one of the largest pharmaceutical corporation
  • Represented a shipping corporation on its litigations in China, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia on defaults and restricting and liquidation of its subsidiaries on those jurisdictions
  • Represented KEPCO on its claim against the corporation defrauded more than USD 70 million dollars and to collect the wrongful gains from it by filing suits against its affiliates in British Virgin Island, Cayman Island, Hong Kong, Russia and United States
  • Boston University School of Law (J.D. Paul J. Liacos Scholar, 2005)
  • Boston University (M.A. in International Relations, 2002)
  • Boston University (M.A. in Economics, 2000)
  • Boston University (B.A. in Economics, 1999)