Jung Hoon Yoo

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Mr. Jung Hoon Yoo is a partner at EJE Law. Mr. Yoo’s expertise is in real estate transactions and corporate M&A. He has extensive practice experience in real estate investments, including developments, urban improvement projects, direct acquisitions and dispositions, real estate financing, and securitized real estate transactions through REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), REFs (Real Estate Funds), and PFVs (Project Finance Vehicles). Mr. Yoo also practiced in the broad area of inbound and outbound M&A transactions, and antitrust issues including M&A filing.

Prior to establishing EJE Law, he worked at Kim & Chang from 2006 to 2013 and advised on real estate, corporate M&A and antitrust matters.

In December 2016, Mr. Yoo has appointed as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

  • Experience
  • Education
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  • Bar/Qualification/Award
  • Prime Minister Commendation (2017. 3.)
  • New York (2012)
  • Korea (2000)
  • Advised one of the major Korean heavy industry companies in its first outbound acquisition of a U.S based company
  • Advised a Korean conglomerate in its acquisition of major construction & engineering company
  • Advised a domestic private equity fund in its filing of license and registration and regulatory compliance requirements, and acquisition of a foreign company
  • Represented a Hong Kong based private equity fund in its acquisition of one of Korean delivery service company
  • Advised a fabric company with respect to development and improvement project of its old factory site located in industrial complex
  • Advised a logistics company in development project for large scale warehouse
  • Advised domestic REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), REFs (Real Estate Funds), and PFVs (Project Finance Vehicles) in its acquisition of office building in Seoul
  • Advised Singapore investment company in its acquisition of an office building located in central business district in Seoul
  • Advised a Korean real estate fund in connection with its acquisition through disposition of a residence building located in Hong Kong
  • Represented a major feed company in investigation by and litigation against the Korean Fair Trade Commission involving alleged cartel among feeds companies
  • Represented import car dealers, cable companies, a foreign auto part manufacturer in KFTC’s investigation on alleged cartel in Korean market
  • Advised on M&A filing and antitrust issues in connection with global M&A between bioscience and medical device companies
  • Represented the Korean Fair Trade Commission in a dozen of antitrust and competition related litigations
  • Advised the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in connection with various broadcasting law issues
  • Georgetown University Law Center (LL.M., 2012)
  • Judicial Research & Training Institute (2003)
  • Seoul National University School of Law (LL.B., 1998)