[Administrative Disputes] EJE Law Wins in an Administrative Lawsuit concerning Interpretation of the Government’s Decree of Amnesty

2019 May 30 1:37 오후

On May 10, 2019, EJE Law successfully obtained a favorable decision in a lawsuit seeking revocation of the corrective measure to limit participation in a bidding.  The main issue disputed in this lawsuit was whether or not such corrective measure is subject to the decree of amnesty issued by the government.

In its decision, the court admitted EJE Law’s arguments that similar decree of amnesty has been issued repetitively, and that the relevant business had been removed from the previous decree simply due to enactment of new law, and thus the current decree should include the relevant business.

The above court decision is meaningful in that there has been no precedent on interpretation of the decree of amnesty, and that through the court’s interpretation thereof, the effects of such decree can extent to even those businesses that are not specified in the decree.