[HR/Labor] EJE Law Wins in a Lawsuit seeking Invalidation of Wrongful Termination

2019 May 30 1:52 오후

On May 17, 2019, EJE Law successfully obtained a decision of the Seoul High Court invalidating dismissal of a senior partner (“Plaintiff”) by one of the leading accounting firms in Korea (“Defendant”).  EJE Law represented the Plaintiff in this lawsuit and argued that the dismissal of the Plaintiff by the Defendant was illegal because it was erred both procedurally and substantively.  The above court decision is the first precedent where the court specifically decided on the legal status of partners at professional services firms like accounting firms, as well as the grounds and procedure for dismissal of such partner.

While a decision by the Supreme Court is remaining for it to be final and conclusive, the above High Court decision is still meaningful because it clarified and confirmed the legal status of a partner at an accounting firm and also set standards for the courts to apply when determining the grounds and procedure for dismissal of such partner.


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