[Finance] EJE Law Successfully Advised on Issuance of a Convertible Bond by Kunhwa

2019 May 29 11:40 오전

On May 27, 2019, Kunhwa Co., Ltd. (the “Issuer” or “Client”) issued a convertible bond with a KRW 40 billion face value to a PEF managed by Dominus Investment (the “Investor”).

The above transaction required review of various legal issues relating to the development of real estate owned by the Issuer and its shareholders as well as the distribution of profits therefrom, in order to find the best solution that can be satisfactory to both the Issuer and the Investor.

EJE Law represented Kunhwa in the above transaction provided comprehensive legal services to the Client up to the closing of the transaction, including reviewing the relevant documents such as convertible bond subscription agreement and the investors’ agreement, negotiating with the Investor on behalf of the Client, and advising the Client on possible legal issues that can arise in connection with the transaction.